Version 1.0: Defining what living life means to you

Today we’re thrilled to announce the next Sitarzewski family adventure… we’re naming it Epic Mini Life. Normally, when we hear the words “family adventure” together, it has something to do with a vacation or a “once in a lifetime” opportunity. Stick with us, and you’ll see anything but “normal.” Heather and I have decided to […]

7 thoughts on “Version 1.0: Defining what living life means to you

  1. What an incredible blessing! I wish you guys the very best and will keep up with your “living adventure.” It’s inspiring, educational and real…bon chance!

  2. The road ahead is full of opportunity. Open your mind to the possibility of universal forces at work that you cannot currently understand, or see, with your current knowledge of how things work. Learn the language of the world. Listen to The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho on audio. Grow. Explore. Change. Accept. And finally, try an experiment for 21 days ….each day thoughtfully consider three simple things you’re grateful for, three people that mean something to you, and three outcomes you’d like to see.

    Oh, and don’t forget we have Slack calls on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 🙂

    -J. South

  3. As always, and in ALL-WAYS, I wish for your family peace, love, and joy in all that you are and do. Can’t wait to follow the Sitarzewski-saga as it unfolds. Much love.

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