What is the new American Dream?

Have you ever thought about really downsizing, leaving everything behind, and living life on your terms? We're doing just that, and we're sharing the experience with you! Maybe it'll be just what you need to stop living someone else's dream and start living your own!

We think the new American dream has less to do with the life that the marketing and advertising industries have crafted for you, and everything to do with how you choose to craft the life that matters to YOU. No one can tell you what that is, you just have to make it. Experiment. Fail, Try again... and we're here to help provide as many things as we can to give you new data. Even if it's simply a new lens through which to see what possible.

From education, super cheap meal prep, travel, budgeting, self employment, and much more, we hope you'll find something that inspires YOU to do something different with your life. Welcome.

Why us?

Michael has many years experience in building startup communities, and we'll build on that to craft an incredibly welcoming environment for people just like you to take the plunge. He's a high school drop out, and started his first business the next day. Since then he's launched many internet based companies (and sold a couple!), such as an apartment search website in 1994, all the way to today's latest called inboundgeo. Read more about Michael here.

Heather has been making magic happen for families across the US. She's a vacation planner, crafter of projects, and has been known to make amazing bento-style lunches. She's been a graphic designer since the early 90's, and loves to create all kinds of things both physical and virtual. Epic Mini Life is a brand new outlet for her skills, so we can't wait to see how that turns out.

Zizi is unschooled - for those that don't know, unschooling is practically the opposite of school. No classrooms, no books, no bells, and the only rule is that you live life with a learner's mindset. Education is life, and life is what you make of it. She also love Minecraft, Roblox, anime, and all things YouTube.

How can you help?

Just follow along and engage. We'd love to help you find a similar path if, and when it makes sense!

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Gamer, artist, creative, learner, adventurist, anime/manga fan, pescatarian, and of course: fabulous

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