Organizing small closets

The clothing storage is fairly generous in our 5th wheel – yes I just said that, out loud. The three of us share a 5′ wide closet and four drawers. There is a small vertical (hanging) closet where we store our linens and towels. We all shared one small walk-in closet in our townhouse for … Read more Organizing small closets

Anyone can cook… in an RV oven!

I’m not a brilliant cook. My Mother wasn’t even a good cook. It’s ok, she would tell you so. My childhood menu consisted largely of red meat & potatoes, canned/boxed goods, and spaghetti. It was practically mandatory to go to the local seafood restaurant once a week (a tradition that I really loved, thanks Mom!) and … Read more Anyone can cook… in an RV oven!

Crowd pleasin’ Baked Mac’n’Cheese

This mac’n’cheese isn’t much more labor intensive than a simple stovetop version but it’s so much more yummy! And it’s geared to match your specific tastes or use up all your random bits of cheeses, which ever comes first. I personally like the “no cheese left behind” benefit! What you’ll need: 2 c. pasta noodles … Read more Crowd pleasin’ Baked Mac’n’Cheese

Broken Landing Gear – Epic Mini Life S1E6

It’s all fun and games until your landing gear bolt snaps in two places. Just when we’ve got the hang of setup and teardown (Michael is backing in like a pro) something goes haywire… one of the two landing gear legs stops going down. This can only mean one thing… the landing gear bolt snapped… … Read more Broken Landing Gear – Epic Mini Life S1E6