An Epic off-grid 2006 Keystone Montana 3475RL For Sale!

When we sold everything and hit the road in 2017, we committed to traveling until we were “done.” Well, that time has come. That means great things for you, our ideal buyer. You are into DIY, and love learning – constantly. You embrace challenges and revel in successful problem solving. This RV has been from […]

Introducing the EpicMiniBNB!

Late last year we decided to change things up at Epic Mini Life, re-establishing roots in our favorite Dallas, Texas neighborhood: The Cedars! Our plans for the place were simple… have a home base while we focused on building my company and decided what the next year looked like. We’re open to all kind of […]

Reimagining Our Nomadic Lifestyle.

We LOVE the nomadic lifestyle, and we’re ready to make it ours. We’re going to make it bigger and better. That means making some pretty drastic changes, and resetting our own expectations. It means building our own house, with our features, and on our timeline. It means an investment in sticks and bricks, but without the notion or expectation of being “trapped” by it.

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