Introducing the EpicMiniBNB!

Late last year we decided to change things up at Epic Mini Life, re-establishing roots in our favorite Dallas, Texas neighborhood: The Cedars! Our plans for the place were simple… have a home base while we focused on building my company and decided what the next year looked like.

We’re open to all kind of options, from letting it sit while we’re gone, to putting renters in it short term, to letting others take advantage of the space while we travel. We did the last thing! We’re happy to announce that our townhouse in Dallas is now available on Airbnb, and we’ve nicknamed it the EpicMiniBNB!

It’s a beautiful space. Two bedrooms, two and 1/2 baths, and ample living space with Gigabit internet! It sleeps 7 total, which is great for business trips and larger families that want their own space while visiting relatives!

It’s close to Downtown Dallas, Gilley’s, American Airlines Center (AAC), The Sheraton, Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center, Farmer’s Market, and Deep Ellum. It’s also a very short walk to DART’s Cedars Station (Dallas public transportation).

If you have any feedback on the listing, we’d love to hear it. Our goal is simple – to make sure our guests are as happy as possible with their stay and leave the EpicMiniBNB with nothing but positive vibes!

Let us know what you think!


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  1. Beautifully displayed. Excellent location and price is good. We would definitely consider this when visiting family in the Dallas/Fort Worth area

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