Rebuilding Leeloo from scratch? Yes!

Good day! I’ve had a couple of people reach out and ask what’s happening – why all of the work on the RV all of the sudden?

Here’s the story, and the plan.

First, we learned a lot while on the road. We learned what was necessary and what wasn’t. We learned how to live in a small space together (3 adults and two 65lb dogs in 350 sq ft.). We learned how to manage resources (water, power, waste water tanks) while in some truly remote places – 100% off grid – no connections to anything but the internet.

Our decision to come off the road and settle into sticks and bricks had very little to do with the lifestyle of full-time RV life, and more to do with a) the pandemic, and b) the rig (RV we were in) itself. It had (has) issues, and those issues contributed to levels of stress that made for some pretty unpleasant travel days. We documented them plenty on the journey ( ) so I won’t cover them here.

Another thing we learned is that there is an amazing community of people that live the RV lifestyle. There are many nuances here, but I believe there’s a large group of people that would join this community if they knew how and if they weren’t required to overnight in RV parks and traditional RV spots. Open spaces, connectivity, and freedom of location are what appeals to the group I have in mind.

Toward the end of our journey, with all of the modifications and upgrades, we were able to live in the desert (or wherever) for as long as we wanted. Some of the process could have been streamlined but it worked.

Which leads me back to the question. I’m experimenting with a concept that I haven’t seen in the market. There are RV renovation experts everywhere, with varying degrees of quality and reputation. But haven’t seen a single one that specializes making RVs off-grid-first experiences.

There are hundreds if not thousands of videos showing an individual how to do certain things to their RV, and I’ve learned a ton from them. But I haven’t seen anyone rebuilding RVs with this purpose in mind.

So that’s the experiment. Can I take our former RV, rebuild it with an off grid first focus, and sell it to someone at a fair price with meaningful returns? If so, can I repeat the process? We shall see.

Stay tuned for some updates on the #EpicMiniFoodForest project! The woodchips are coming along nicely!


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