How many horses does it take to pull your life?

I stumbled upon this post declaring the “covered wagon” as the first tiny home.

This totally makes sense. In fact, I was thinking this morning about how a pickup pulling a 5th wheel is the logical evolution of the horse and covered wagon. Everything we need will be packed nicely inside of Leeloo (our name for the 5th wheel). From food, to energy, waste, entertainment… all of it. The entirety of our belongings will be in this vehicle.

We’ll be traveling from coast to coast, north and south, and hope to hit some of the most beautiful places in the US (and maybe Canada and Mexico). We’ll make new friends, meet new families, and we’ll have plenty of new opportunities. In a very real way, it’s going to be an adventure of unknowns. We’re 100% OK with this idea.

Back to the horses. Horses require food, which fortunately grew along the paths of travel. Setting up and tearing down camp were a part of the routine of travel. It was the same basic life, though arguably much more primitive and off the grid! The covered wagon had a balance of two to three thousand pounds, and they were pulled by one or two horses.

Leeloo has a maximum weight of about 15,000lbs. She’s a 36′ rig, and is essentially a 350 square foot apartment. It will take about 480 horses (480hp) to pull her. Think about that. Four hundred and eighty horses to pull all of the “required” creature comforts, the connectivity, and the conveniences of a modern life. And that’s a small fraction of what we have today.

If there’s a take away from this, it’s that the spirit of travel, of wonder, and of autonomy are still alive and well today. The circumstances of travel are very different, but the curiosity is still there. And it’s safer and more available than ever.

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