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As the concept of Epic Mini Life has evolved, it’s become clear that we will have the opportunity to reach individuals that share the same desire to live life differently. They’re done with the idea of a 9 to 5 job, and want to turn their lives into an experience. Epic Mini Life, for us, is the logical outcome of the decisions we’ve been making for most of our lives.

We think it’s important that you know a couple facts about this journey. As we move away from the concept of traditional work, we’ll be testing revenue concepts such as affiliate linking, referral fees, and advertising. To date, we have relationships with Apple, Amazon, and Tiny House Build. We will work on securing more relationships over time, and hope to be able cover some of the costs of travel with revenue from these sources.

This means that from time to time, we will post links to products, services, and software that we use on the trip. In some cases we’ll post links to products we’re considering purchasing, or we’ll mention and link to products in case our readers decide to do more research. In many, but not all cases, we will be compensated should our readers choose to purchase the products and services we link to.

We may also choose derive revenue from direct sponsorships. These relationships will be more obvious as companies will compensate us for promoting their products to specific audiences. You will see a brand/logo and the hash tag #sponsored. If you’re interested in such a relationship, feel free to contact us. It has to be the perfect fit and it has to provide value to our readers.

It’s not specifically our intent to turn Epic Mini Life into a “job,” but we are not opposed to offsetting some of the expenses involved in travel. If at some point traveling full time becomes something we love, and we can earn a living doing it, we’d be silly not to consider it – as long as it’s a perfect fit for everyone.

We will always be 100% transparent when it comes to sponsored or paid content. If we do product reviews, we’ll make it clear if the post/review is paid by applying the #sponsored and/or #paidcontent tags to the post.


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