Nature’s Head Composting Toilet Redirect To Black Tank

This video looks at what it took to redirect our Nature’s Head Composting Toilet liquid output directly into our existing black tank. Why would we do that? Well, frankly, we’re a family of three adult sized individuals which means that I had to empty the provided fluids bottle literally every 24 hours.

Emptying the liquids every 24 hours may not seem like a big deal, but when it’s only you that empties it it becomes one. Most of the time it’s when you really have to go that you notice it’s full.

I’ve watched several videos of other people doing this job, and frankly those made me procrastinate doing it. It always looked cumbersome and difficult, not to mention I’ve never done plumbing. So, I dusted off the ego and went to town.

This video covers our particular installation. Yours will definitely be different, but most likely very similar. I used standard 1 1/2″ ABS pipe and fittings, nothing special. The only thing that’s unique to the installation is the use of the NIBCO┬« 1-1/2″ Trap Adapter for a snug fit to the liquid output of the toilet.

The job of the NIBCO┬« 1-1/2″ Van Stone PVC Socket Flange in all of this is to prevent the ABS pipe from just sliding through the floor. By default, it has plastic to keep the pipe from sliding though, but it gets gradually tighter to that point. My idea was to remove the lip, then the pipe would fit with force and not move vertically. It worked perfectly.

In the video, I pretty much skip from the grinding of the flange’s lip to showing video of the finished product. Sadly, I just didn’t record anything.

If you have any questions please comment below. I’m happy to help… in the few days since doing this project it’s already paying off. Very well worth it.

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